I cannot extol the virtues of ballet scholarships enough, as I know first-hand what a dramatic change they can make in the life of a young dancer...
— Parent of City Dance Scholarship Student

city dance scholarships

City Dance is a long-term scholarship program integrating 30 promising students into The Rock School's after-school training program, offering free tuition to students from poverty-level households, as federally defined.  Ranging throughout all levels (from early dance through professional-track) the identity of the scholars are confidential, none are designated as "City Dance" recipients, thus seamlessly incorporated into The Rock School community.  City Dance provides structured after-school activity, an alternative to delinquency, introduces ballet to urban students, opens doors to professional dance careers and create safe havens for those students who need it most.

Parents notice their children have better organization skills, more self-confidence, and superior academic performance.

The process

We begin the search for talent through a couple of ways: an open audition at The Rock School or selection from RockReach teaching artists.  With the number of schools that participate in RockReach comes so many talented and deserving children who can't afford dance class in participating RockReach Residency schools.  Chosen students will come with their parent/guardian, be introduced to The Rock School, and offered a scholarship.  The audition process for students under the Residency program..  All students at the audition must provide family financial statements to meet eligibility need requirements as federally defined for families at or below poverty level.  

At the rock school

Young and talented dancers in the Rock's City Dance program are integrated into The Rock School as it operates day to day; at the school, none are designated "City Dance" students.  As students at The Rock School, students get involved in Rock Academics, our unique in-house academics program for professional track students from around the world.  Rock Academics provide education for students who are unable to attend conventional schools due to their rigorous dance training.  Online courses are also offered as an alternative with Rock Academics with access to the Rock Academics Dean and Assistant when questions arise.  A typical day for our dancers can consist of arriving at 8:00am for school work, technique class from 10:30am-noon, lunch in the Rock Café, pointe, partnering and rehearsals from 1:00pm-3:30pm, and then technique class again from 4:00pm-6:00pm.  Students will be mixed in with other international students with full/partial scholarships from China, Columbia, France, Japan, Peru, Spain, Turkey (New Jersey) - from virtually all over the world!

A special thanks

These scholarships wouldn't have been possible without the support of a variety of foundations.  Thank you for the support in providing underserved children in Philadelphia the opportunity to make their dreams a reality.

To see the full list of sponsors, funders, and donators, click here.

To say the least, this scholarship changed my life. It is amazing how something that seemed so different and frightening to me at first pushed me to new limits.
— City Dance Scholarship Student