RockReach Residencies provide in-school and after-school dance instruction integrated into the curriculums of participating Philadelphia-area Title 1 public, charter, and parochial schools.

Professional Rock School instructors engage children in multidisciplinary dance classes twice per week, teaching basic movement skills.  Each class builds from the previous, incorporating more difficult moves and requires higher knowledge base, skill and concentration.  The program culminates in a student performance open to friends and family that children look forward to every year.  

Residencies are customized to fit each specific school's needs and desires.  School administrators recommend the type of dance style (modern, ballet, jazz, hip hop, and tap) as well as the students who will participate and upon what basis that participation lies.  Schools have opted for RockReach participants be in certain grades as a whole, or specified specific children as good students, thus rewarded with RockReach, while other schools designate participants as those needing the program to help with discipline, emotional, or physical problems.  

RockReach provides valuable interaction with adults and peers, contributing to students' social and communication skills while offering physical activity in a safe and creative environment, so vital in schools where budget constraints have eliminated physical education.

RockReach at Russel Byers Charter School

RockReach at Russel Byers Charter School

The RockReach programs allow children to develop an appreciation for the art form; recognize opportunities for themselves within the arts; develop self-confidence, self-esteem, and discipline; and strengthen their academic and social skills.
— Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance