Recap: Dynamics of Dance at DEA YDA: Philadelphia Academy Charter School

November 4th, 2016 - Philadelphia Academy Charter School

Friday, November 4th was an exciting day for RockReach. We traveled to Philadelphia Academy Charter School (PACS) for our Dynamics of Dance Assembly to thrill the students with interactive performances.  

Led by DEA Youth Dance Program Regional Manager, Jodi Obeid, and RockReach host, Roger Lee, the assembly kicked off with a brief "Stretching 101" course as The Rock School dancers demonstrated a variety of ballet stretches.  Roger covers a variety of stretching techniques while emphasizing stretching as an integral part of dance.   The PACS students were encouraged to try the stretches as well.

Once the dancers completed their stretches, they began practicing a variety of leaps, jumps, and spins.  The heightened energy of the room was filled with cheers and applauses from the display of high and electrifying leaps.

With the audience hyped up and eager for more, Christina Pastras, Director of RockReach, led an interactive dance session.  PACS students got a taste of what it’s like to follow choreography and what a typical dance practice is like for The Rock School dancers.  Rockin’ out to Justin Timberlake’s  “Can’t Stop The Feeling”, PACS students busts out awesome moves with The Rock School dancers! 

After a fabulous performance by PACS, the Rock School dancers took the stage and showcased  individual performances.  From the intensifying performance by Abigail Fletcher with "Dust & Light" composed by David Travis Edwards to a soft, romantic, and touching performance by Abigail Yonder with "Turning Page" by Sleeping At Last, we were taken on an inspirational and ardent journey through dance.

We wrapped up the assembly with a Q&A session where students were given the opportunity to talk directly with Rock School dancers from all over the world!  We love seeing the students' reactions after they find out the diverse origins of The Rock School dancers.

Speaking of questions, what did you think about the assembly?  What was your favorite part?  We would love to hear from you!  Contact us today and share your stories!   


Thank you Philadelphia Academy Charter school for letting us perform at your amazing school!  The assembly was so much fun and we can’t wait to do it again next time.