Ballet Shoes for Overbrook

This past Friday, our third grade Rockreach students at Overbrook Educational Center were very excited to try on their new ballet shoes. Upon entering their dance class, the students were filled with joy to see a bag full of ballet shoes sitting next to RockReach Teaching Artist, Fallon Gannon eager to find out more about it. "Are those for us?!", shouted some of the students. After receiving their new ballet shoes, it was not long before the students lined up next to the bookshelves in preparation for barre exercises.

My third graders at OEC are so much fun. They've been working so hard all year. This past week, they were surprised and given ballet shoes that they get to wear for class and keep at the end of the year. The excitement and happiness that filled the room was priceless! It makes the experience that much more special for them - not only do they get to take ballet during the school day, but they get to wear the proper shoes on top of it.  
-Fallon Gannon, RockReach Teaching Artist