RockReach at Shepard Recreation Center for Philly Celebrates Jazz

Our last stop for the Philly Celebrates Jazz series was at Shepard Recreation Center.  RockReach Teaching Artist, Jennifer Yackel taught us fabulous Jazz moves.  We were joined by 6 kids from the park who's attention were caught when Yackel turned up some music.

Some kids joined and left while a couple stayed for the whole session.  One of them touched our hearts when they shared how she had always wanted to dance.  

“I asked her if she had every danced before.  Her response was that she had always wanted to try but have been too shy.  When she saw the class going on, she thought she would try breaking out of her shell and try it out.”
— Jennifer Yackel, RockReach Teaching Artist

The kids learned a choreographed dance to "Can't Stop This Feeling" by Justin Timberlake.  This was followed by fancy jazz footwork such as kick ball change and jazz squares.  We were even joined by Stephanie Fuentes from Creative Philadelphia who had a blast dancing along!

RockReach and The Rock School for Dance Education would like to thank all of those involved with Philly Celebrates Jazz Event for providing vast opportunities to our communities through dance, art, and Jazz!