albert m. greenfield school


At Greenfield School, RockReach engages students during 36 weeks of dance instruction integrated into the school’s curriculum. Professional Rock School instructors engage children in dance classes, teaching basic movement skills of discipline-based art forms. Culminating in a student performance open to the entire school, RockReach provides valuable interaction with adults and peers, contributing to students’ social and communication skills.

This year, the DEA Youth Dance Program had the great pleasure of working with the Rock School of Dance Education's in school outreach program - RockReach.  RockReach is a dynamic, multifaceted community outreach program that makes dance accessible to over 26,000 underserved youth of Philadelphia each year.  RockReach joined the DEA YDP team as our Philadelphia based performance company and provides dynamic teachers for us in our schools.  Outreach director Christina Pastras, and Community Relations Director Susan Rock are their highly professional team working behind the scenes to make the DEA Youth Dance Program function seamlessly here in Philadelphia.  They take the approach of - Nothing is impossible and everything is doable - when it comes to the DEA Youth Dance Program and we are so grateful for that! - Jodi Obeid, DEA YDP

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